Welcome to the Valemount Bike Park Membership Page

Thank you for you interest in the Valemount Bike Park.

Your membership dues provide direct financial support to enable the VARDA to:

  • Pay professional trail builders/maintainers ensuring trails remain open, safe, sustainable, and FUN!
  • Purchase materials, tools, and equipment for our volunteer and trail builders to use during trail days.
  • Purchase insurance that allows the VARDA to operate the Bike Park.
  • Engage proactively with Land Managers to ensure their continued support and investment in the trail network.
  • Be RAD!

Membership Benefits

Becoming a Bike Park member allows you to easily contribute to the development and maintenance of our trail system, plus membership gives you the great feeling you get from supporting your favorite trails.  Over time, we will try to provide our members with local benefits, but as of now its just STOKE because bike are awesome.

For now, members will receive:

  • Membership decal to proudly display to show your stoke and support for our trails
  • You will be added to our email list to be updated on events, rides, and trail projects
  • Direct invite to our soon to be annual trail planning open house and BBQ